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How it works


Quietly commit to a goal.

Don't tell anyone yet! Studies show that sharing decreases your chance of success.
On my honor, I commit to:

Losing 20 pounds


Due date


Your initials


On the due date, we'll email your friends.

We'll send them a copy of your commitment contract so they can hold you accountable.


You stay motivated to succeed and avoid embarrassment.

You remain motivated by the certainty of your recipients learning about your commitment on the deadline.

Life preserver

The only way to stop your email is to pay a fee (whose amount you decide at the start).

Name your bail-out price when submitting your contract. If something comes up, you can pay to stop us from emailing your friends. Don't set your bail-out price too low, or it will provide an easy out. To truly Burn The Boats, set an astronomical bail-out price.

Why use BurnTheBoats?

Accountability works.

Behavioral economists have long known that we have a strong psychological need to be consistent with prior statements.

Talking doesn't.

Other research has shown that sharing our goals immediately makes us less likely to achieve them.

Effective accountability.

BurnTheBoats keeps your goal private until the deadline, giving you the benefits of social accountability without the motivation-sapping effects of divulging your goal right away.

"If you want to take the island, then burn your boats. With asbolute commitment come the insights that create real victory."

-Tony Robbins

Make a change.