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Step 1: Complete your precommitment contract.

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Step 2: List your accountability buddies.

To keep you motivated, we will email your initialled commitment statement to the following people on your planned completion date. We suggest keeping it to yourself until then, because studies show that telling will make you less likely to succeed.

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Step 3: Name your bail-out price.

If you must revoke your commitment, you can pay a cancellation fee by credit card. You decide the price now. Don't set it too low, or it will provide an easy out. To truly Burn The Boats, set an astronomical price.


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Your contacts will be sent the following explanation:

Subject: "{your name} committed to {your goal} by today. Did they?"

Dear {recipient-name},

On {today's date}, {your name} ({your email}) made the following commitment:

On my honor, I commit to {your goal} by {completion date}.
Initialed: {your initials}

{your name} wanted us to irrevocably email you on their planned completion date to hold them accountable.

Has {your name} achieved their goal? Please reach out and see if {your name} has kept their commitment.

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ps. To learn more about this free service, go to BurnTheBoats.org.